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Turning notes into magic

AxNote is an infinite canvas that holds your thoughts.

The AxNote interface

Magic Lens and Magic Wand

Turning scribbles into text.

AxNote makes it easy to import your existing notes. Just take a photo and use Magic Lens to convert your handwriting to text and automatically crop diagrams.

And with Magic Wand, AxNote also detects headings (marked with stars) and converts them into Sections.

The Magic Lens text interface
A line chart and linked data table

Tables and Charts

Data and ink never looked better together.

Create data-rich tables, complete with header rows and columns, right alongside your handwritten or typed notes.

You can also create beautiful visualizations with Charts* that automatically update as you make changes to your data.


Make your own paper.

AxNote comes with a selection of millimeter-precise customizable Layouts — like lined and grid paper — to suit your needs.

With AxNote+, you can create multi-layered and reusable drawing templates.

The AxNote interface displaying the Lined Paper Layout
The AxNote interface displaying Collaboration controls


Collaboration made fun.

AxNote works with SharePlay* over iMessage and FaceTime so you can work on a document with others in real-time.

Every change is automatically synced to every device, so everyone has the latest copy of the document.

More features

Functional in every detail.

Switch tools quickly

QuickTool lets you quickly switch tools by holding your pencil or finger on the screen to bring up a dynamic tool picker. With AxNote+, you can customize the tools that appear in QuickTool.

Built for accessibility

VoiceOver and other accessibility features work great with the app's fine-tuned and descriptive user interface.

Jump ahead with Sections

Sections let you tag headings, so you can skip straight to a relevant part of a note from the sidebar.

Pin what matters most

Pin important parts of a note to the Pinboard by simply drawing a box. All your pins are a tap away.

Ready when you are.

Available for iOS 14+, iPadOS 14+, and macOS Big Sur 11+.

* See here for feature availability.