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A more natural way to note

Keep your flow while taking notes.

An iPad displaying the AxNote interface

Okay, so what can AxNote do?

Quite a bit, actually.

AxNote is for flow.

No more lifting your arm repeatedly to switch tools to make your notes stand out. AxNote brings all your common writing tools right where you need them just by holding your pencil or finger on the screen or through a keyboard shortcut.

It's like Alt-Tab, but for note taking.

iPad with QuickTool activated

iPad with QuickTool activated

AxNote is paper without the paper.

AxNote comes with a selection of Layouts — like lined and grid paper — so that note taking doesn't have to be on a boring white page.

AxNote is for perfect shapes.

Taking notes is hard enough. Making them look good is even harder — especially with diagrams. With AxNote, you can snap your messy hand-drawn shapes to make them perfect. And, you can scale them for highly technical drawings.

iPad with QuickTool activated

AxNote Sidebar on a Mac

AxNote is for organization.

Cut the scrolling by giving each major section in your note its own space on the sidebar. All it takes to jump to that section is a tap or click.

AxNote is for intuitive formatting.

All it takes to place an image inside a note is a drag and drop.

Typed text also suppports rich formatting, so your notes can appear exactly how you want them to look.

iPad with QuickTool activated

Ready when you are

Available for iPadOS and macOS*

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* See here for feature availability.