Last updated: December 26, 2020

Thanks for downloading AxNote! This page outlines the terms for using AxNote. By using our app, you (the End-User) agree to these terms.


For the purposes of the terms set forth on this page,
- 'Product' or 'app' refers to the AxNote software that is downloadable through the Apple App Store
- 'AxNote+' refers to an in-app purchase
- 'Premium features' refers to functionality that is unlockable with a license to AxNote+

Software usage rights

When the End-User acquires a copy of the product, they acquire a license to use it as advertised. As of the latest terms the license to use the product is available free-of-charge, however the software itself is not for sale nor available free-of-charge.

In-App Purchases: AxNote+

AxNote+ is a non-consumable in-app purchase that is purchased through the Apple App Store. This purchase grants you access to a limited number of premium features that unlock extra functionality in the app. AxNote+ will never expire and guarantees access to AxNote+ for the lifespan of the app. By purchasing AxNote+, you are purchasing a license to use the available premium features that is in effect with the base license to use non-premium features. The software is licensed, not sold to the End-User.

Refunds of purchases must be directed through Apple Inc. By withdrawing your purchase, you agree that you may lose access to premium features.

Premium features are only available if the End-User has a license to use them. Reverse-engineering, bypassing anti-piracy measures or similar actions voids your license to use AxNote+ and hence, premium features.

Discharge of liabilities

We are not held responsable for any potential data loss, bugs, inaccuracies or other faults in our product. While we strive to deliver a product as close to bug-free as possible, this is not always possible as issues may exist. There is also no guarantee of support as support for our product may end with no notice. Additionally, we do not commit ourselves to releasing software updates, or to a software update lifecycle/timeline whether consistently or periodically, however we endeavour to keep making our product better.

Screenshots or any other promotional images displayed on the website, social media pages or elsewhere may not always reflect the most recent version of the app. Additionally, previews or beta announcements may mention unreleased features. These must be considered forward-looking and may not always be included in the final version of the upcoming release.

We reserve the right to make updates to the product's terms of use, even if users are unable to be notified of changes.


If you have any questions about our terms, please don't hesitate to email [email protected].