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Convert Handwriting to Text.

Scribble on iPadOS 14.

AxNote is built for iPad and works with Scribble.

This means you can write naturally using your pencil and AxNote will automatically convert your handwriting to text, so you can create perfect and neat notes.

Demonstration of Handrwiting-to-Text
An XND file

Introducing .xnd

The file format for notes.

.xnd is a new file format built to enable all the powerful features of AxNote, such as Layouts, Sections, dates, text and more.

It's also extremely efficient with most notes taking up less than a megabyte.

.xnd files can also be exported to an image or a PDF. AxNote will flatten the note so that it can be viewed by other apps.

Stay on top of what matters.

Set Reminders that take you directly to an important part of a note.

The Pinboard is already a useful place to store important sections of notes. With Reminders, you can also tell AxNote to send you a notification at a scheduled time about a pin.

This removes the need to find what you are looking for manually.

A Reminder notification


It's AxNote, plus.

With a one-off purchase*, AxNote+ gives you further customization - allowing you to create the perfect workspace.

Cover Images

Give your Spaces a unique vibe with a selection of images from creators at Unsplash. Or, create your own using the ultimate creative medium: drawing.

Unlimited Spaces

Break free from the three-Space limit. You can create unlimited Spaces each with their own notes, folders and Cover Images.

* Subject to the following terms

Ready when you are

Available for iPadOS and macOS*

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