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This update adds more features to AxNote.

- Added iCloud integration
- Added a widget that displays your most recent notes
- Another cool feature to make writing simpler
- Backported AxNote to iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina (while AxNote now supports these older operating systems, some features are only available on iPadOS 14.0+ and macOS Big Sur 11.0+)

Availability: iPadOS 13.0+, macOS Catalina 10.15+


Coming soon

This release polishes a few edges of AxNote.

- Fixed an incorrect title in the 'Info' popover
- Fixed a bug where Scribble would inadvertently activate when the canvas is disabled
- Fixed a bug where some of the edges of stars were not colored correctly

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+, macOS Big Sur 11.0+


Released February 15, 2021

This update improves the usability of AxNote.

- Reduced the translucency of QuickTool to improve its accessibility on low-contrast backgrounds
- Family Sharing is now available for AxNote+
- Fixed a bug where the drawing tool icon on the Touch Bar might not have updated
- Fixed a bug with image scaling
- Fixed a bug where QuickTool might've appeared unexpectedly on the iPad

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+, macOS Big Sur 11.0+


Released December 18, 2020

This update fixes an issue where only one localization might have been available.

Availability: macOS Big Sur 11.0+


Released December 15, 2020

This update adds many new features and introduces AxNote to the Mac.

- You can now place images inside your notes, simply by dragging and dropping them into a note
- The Control Strip can now be hidden
- Added rich text formatting
- Text boxes can be added right where you want them just by a double tap or click
- Added French localization
- Drawing with the Apple Pencil is smoother with reduced latency
- Significantly reduced battery usage
- Brought the app to the Mac
- Better support for accessibility features like VoiceOver
- Added a fresh set of Cover Images
- Tons of UI improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- QuickTool now displays tools relevant to your current interaction

Note: Notes saved in AxNote 1.1 cannot be opened in AxNote 1.0.3 or earlier.

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+, macOS Big Sur 11.0+

MacBook Pro and iPad Pro running AxNote 1.1


Released November 02, 2020

This update adds more polish to the app.

- Improved the quality of PDF and image exports when a single layer is enabled
- Fixed a bug where Handwriting-to-Text might've been unavailable on some iPad models
- Improved contrast of the Control Strip in Dark Mode
- Simplified AxNote+ pricing
- Fixed a bug where an incorrect Section icon might've been displayed on QuickTool

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+


Released October 04, 2020

This update tightens a few more screws throughout the app.

- Fixed a bug that might've caused incorrect thumbnails to display in the browser
- Added controls to toggle the visibility of layers. Like a photo editing app, you can now show and hide layers in a PDF or image — enabling you to trace easily.
- Your scroll position in a note is now saved
- You can now choose whether to show the 'All Notes' or 'Timeline' view by default when opening a Space
- Stars look a bit more natural
- Notes now appear in order of access date in the browser
- Fixed a bug that might've caused some PDFs to appear incorrectly when exported
- Slightly tweaked the appearance of some icons

Note: Notes saved in AxNote 1.0.2 cannot be opened in AxNote 1.0.1 or earlier.

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+


Released September 28, 2020

This update tightens a few screws throughout the app.

- The launch screen now displays correctly in Dark Mode
- Text fields now keep their fonts and positions
- Circles look a bit more natural
- Autoshape is more accurate
- Fixed a bug where images displayed incorrectly
- Made the QuickTool 'small' tolerance range smaller
- Added checkmarks to multi-note selections
- Fixed a bug where tagging wouldn't work properly
- Fit three notes in a row in the browser on 9.7" iPads
- Fixed a bug where the selected interaction wasn't observed
- There's more bug fixes but listing them all here would get too boring...

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+


Released September 20, 2020

Initial release on the App Store.

Availability: iPadOS 14.0+

iPad Pro running AxNote 1.0